My 1970 E-Type Series 2

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History and current status.

Current state : Feb 2019 :  Engine overhaul and body away for paint job

The fabulous Jaguar E-type, back then (1961) 2098 GBP.
It was 3 times cheaper then a Ferrari or Maserati, and it was faster ...  (265bhp 150mph-241km/h 0-60mph in 6.5 sec)

As a young boy, I loved this car, It was way out of my reach and I never thought I could ever own one …

But today (11 October 2012), I collected it at the Rotterdam port, it was shipped from Houston in the US.

I plan to spent the next … years in restoration, starting learning how car mechanics works .

I will post on a regular basis the reincarnation story of my E-type Series II from 1970.


Coming home and disassemble

Body work

Engine Rebuild

Paint Job